Day 3

Started rehearsals earlier today. We had a costume call and a run of the show, in which I managed to flash the majority of the room in my dress (it hadn’t been taken in enough…AWKWARD)
Wonderful dance partner George said he didn’t even notice though…. naw *hugs*
So what if I’m taken and he’s a year above?
nah nah….stage crush. that’s all :)
A little annoyed that I had a soft drink today, I hate drinking away my calories :/
I reckon I worked off a decent amount of stuff just under the stage lights and dancing is heavy as costumes. BONUS :D
I feel like finding motivational fitness quotes and writing them on multicoloured post-it notes and sticking them everywhere… would be like an awesome colour and fitspiration extravaganza!!! 
I’ll try and take photos for you guys <3

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Day 2

yeh so today was interesting…
I went for a morning run, which was fabulous :)
I made it 4.51km in 37 mins (its a start) because I added some arm training and strength at the mini workout area at the park. Had a great time at rehearsals, danced heaps….
Little side note: I have a cute little stage crush on my dance partner/boyfriend on stage. He’s fabulous :P
The only problem with today was my food. We had a ‘cast bonding night’, which included silly games, a surprise water bomb fight (I got soooo drenched) and CRAZY amounts of food.
I splurged.
A couple of gummi bears, a few mnm’s, and one of Zel’s mum’s AMAZING cupcakes….
I’ll do better tomorrow…I swear :)

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Day 1

today was pretty good.
I started with a morning yoga session because I wasn’t called to rehearsal until late.
Spent most of rehearsals dancing (didn’t take a lunch break).

Bring on tomorrow

The &#8216;before&#8217; shot
Starting weight: 70kgs
Height: 165cm
I can&#8217;t wait to say goodbye to that&#8230;

The ‘before’ shot
Starting weight: 70kgs
Height: 165cm
I can’t wait to say goodbye to that…

Hey everyone

So today is the start of it. My journey.

Oh wow it already sounds like a bad reality TV show…

I’m challenging myself to get healthier, get fitter, and build self control.
I’m working on a healthy eating plan and regular workouts - I am a dancer, but its not enough to just do classes. I’m also on light’n’easy at the moment, but I have a history of binge eating, so self-control will be an issue. 
I hope this blog can be a confession and reflection to help me achieve my goals.
Any support is awesome, and I’d love to hear from you with tips, personal stories, or just to chat.

I’m ready.
Bring it on.